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Islander Institute was formed to institute island values in the way we address systemic problems in Hawai‘i




Island values include caring for our land, building strong communities, honoring our traditions, and living a life of responsibility and aloha.

Islander Institute works with people who love Hawai‘i and embody what it means to be an islander—people who love the land like a family member; sacrifice for children and for the good of all; value and respect every person’s role; embrace responsibility to resolve problems; are strong in times of scarcity and smart in times of plenty; give freely and generously; believe there is more to life than consumption and status; act with courage and toughness; and practice humility, forgiveness, and kindness. 

We trust in the wisdom of island people and we want to enhance their power to meet community needs, influence powerful institutions, and share in the decisions that will determine Hawai‘i’s future.

Our network includes individuals who practice and perpetuate island values, leaders who try to change complex systems from within, and organizations that build community power to address social issues.


Islander Institute is a civic enterprise organized as a limited liability company. Through professional service contracts, donations, and reciprocal relationships, we sustain ourselves so that we can work with more partners and develop original initiatives that build community power.

We listen and talk story with our partners—translating ideas, developing plans, and inspiring action. We strive to learn everything we can about Hawai‘i, our people, issues, and systems. We then apply that knowledge to design effective processes, develop strategy and movement.

Our aim is to be the very best provider of customized services including:

  • Strategy: process design, organizational planning, business strategy, political strategy, transition planning
  • Capacity Building: community organizing, leadership development, executive coaching, program development, partnership/alliance development
  • Facilitation: conflict resolution, problem solving, retreat facilitation
  • Communications: media strategy and relations, writing, advocacy
  • Research and Analysis: needs assessments, policy analysis, evaluation



The Islander Scholars program is an annual recognition and academy for public high school juniors who demonstrate the things that make Hawaii special.



Islander Institute strives to build connections among our many partners, allies, and friends.  Click on the photos to learn more about these organizations and how you can support their work.


Islander Institute is a hui of practitioners who share a deep love of Hawai‘i. We share years of experience in entrepreneurship, program development, planning, public policy, government administration, politics, media, academia, nonprofit management, philanthropy, community organizing, and leadership development.




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